Boot Repair & Stretching

Half Soles
Full Soles
Heel Plates
Recover Heels
Shorten heels
Shank Replacement
Reattach Soles
Welt work
Orthopedic build up interior & exterior

In addition to shoe repairs, yes, you can bring your horse's shoes here, we can fix your purses and bags, your chaps, your luggage, add pockets, buckles and straps, decorative patches, fix zippers. We can lace or relace your ball glove, too!


We provide four types of stretching:

1. Width stretches vary, we cannot guarantee anything, leather stretches are better, cloth does not stretch as well, vinyl will stretch but has a memory and may spring back.  Fabric stretches, same rules apply as for the width stretches.  Sometimes it works, sometimes not.  Some shoes will stretch more than others depending upon the material.  If we stretch something and it still doesn't feel right we will stretch once more without a charge.

2. Spot stretch. If you have a bunion or hammertoe and need a pinpoint stretch.

3. Length stretches are not generally recommended. Shoes are just not designed to be stretched for length, however, sometimes we can afford a bit of a stretch by primarily pulling the heel back.  No guarantees, but we will try..

4. Calf stretches are primarily for taller boots. If there are zippers involved, care must be taken so as not to blow out the zipper, though they can still be stretched, depending on the material.